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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the cancellation list work?

         When you are put on the cancellation list with a requested time/date, the cancellation list will notify everyone on the list with that desired availability of a cancellation via text. Sign onto the Online Booking platform; usually the first availability will be the cancellation. If you are able to click on the appointment, it's yours!  If you can see the appointment time but cannot click on it, or the appointment you were notified about is no longer showing up, that means another patient booked it first; better luck next time! If you do not want the cancellation, simply ignore the notification; you will not be removed from the waitlist.


Do I need to be vaccinated/show vaccine status to have treatment?

              No. I am not asking for vaccine status in order to receive treatment. You will not be asked this question.

I'm sick, OR I think I might be getting sick; should I cancel my massage?    

       If you are sick with something that can be contracted by someone else in the clinic, we would appreciate it if you stayed at home and worked on feeling better. Call to reschedule your appointment for when you are feeling better.

But it's less than 24hrs before my appointment!

      That's absolutely fine. If you suspect that you are ill, or that you've been in contact with someone with something contagious, PLEASE DO NOT COME IN FOR TREATMENT. Be honest with yourself and the therapist; it's for your health and safety as well as all those who enter the clinic. You will be asked these questions upon your arrival, and anyone who seems ill will not be treated and sent home anyway.

I don't like wearing a mask. Do I have to?

         As of March 1 2023, masks are no longer mandatory for entering the clinic or for treatment. If you have a cough or runny nose (ie. allergies) you WILL be required to wear a mask. If you decide you don't want to wear a mask with these symptoms, your massage will be rescheduled to a later date when you are not experiencing symptoms.


I'm running late for my appointment; what do I do?   

        Please give the clinic a call or text if you are running behind or know in advance that you will be late or unable to make your appointment.


What are the benefits of massage?
         Massage is the manipulation of soft tissue. It decreases tension in tight muscles , increases circulation, and promotes a    sense of well-being.  It flushes your body of built-up fluids that can be stored in the muscles, and encourages more oxygen to be brought to tissues. Massage can help with various ailments, such as bronchitis, constipation, Bell's palsy, carpal tunnel syndrome, and  many more.


What kind of oil do you use?
         We use holly oil. It is hypoallergenic and unscented, and leaves the skin feeling moisturized, not greasy or slick. The massage therapist will wipe off any excess lotion on the body, and provide you with a hot towel for removing residual lotion.


Are there any dangers in getting a massage?
     There are instances in which massage therapy might not be right for you; please fill out the health questionnaire fully (including past and present health conditions/surgeries /diagnoses/implants) and answer all of the therapist's questions honestly in order to receive the best treatment possible. Also, please read our COVID-19 section on the risks involved of getting treatment


I'm pregnant; can I get a massage, and is it safe?
       Massage is great during pregnancy! As long as you inform the therapist that you are pregnant, the therapist will discuss any contraindications to your treatment. Massage can  help alleviate back pain, leg cramping, and foot swelling. We have a specially designed pillow (check it out!) that allows you to lie face down safely, without causing any harm or discomfort to the baby. (Look through our gallery for pictures of this pillow)


What do I wear for my massage?
   During your massage, you are covered with a sheet, and only the area currently being massage is undraped. Most people undress to their underwear, but it is totally up to your comfort level on how undressed you are.


Do I have to talk to the therapist during my massage?
    Other than answering a specific question the therapist might have regarding your treatment, speaking/conversation is optional. Some clients like to enjoy the quiet time, while others like to chat during the appointment. It is totally up to you.


What kind of massage do you give?
    The therapist will ask you questions regarding your expectations and needs during the interview portion of your massage. The therapist will then discuss the type of treatment they feel is appropriate for your requests. You are in control of your massage; you may tell the therapist to use more or less pressure at any time. Please communicate with the therapist regarding your comfort levels.


Do I have to shower immediately before my massage?
     Unless you have just worked out or are very sweaty, showering immediately beforehand is not necessary.



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